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My Platform                              The Non-Affiliated Voice 

 I am running for City Council to put committed and non-politician citizens back in charge.  Simply put, our city needs new leadership.  I deeply believe serving our City Council is a privilege and the citizens of Lake Forest cannot be taken for granted.  My candidacy is a grassroots campaign built on a platform of Honesty, Integrity, and Accountability; for the people, by the people.  I am no one’s candidate and will only represent the residents of Lake Forest, having no affiliations with any of the candidates, council members, or special interests.

I’m unencumbered by associations, campaign contributions, and endorsements by special interest groups; the true independent voice seeking only to serve the people.  

Some of the issues that I will tackle include:

  • Control future Residential & Commercial Developments
  • Establish better Traffic Control
  • Prioritize Village Pond Park project
  • Evaluate City's commitment to join County's Animal Shelter in Tustin.
  • Form an Ombudsman Commission to investigate future issues related to Council or City
  • Improve physical appearance of Lake Forest; install City Monument Signs
  • Closely monitor upcoming $70M+ Civic Center project
  • Ensure General Plan 2017 - 2035 Revision reflects community’s vision
  • Implement conservative Fiscal Policy by Responsible Spending, Cost Cutting, Competitive Bidding, hiring Local Contractors
  • Promote Cooperation & Teamwork in the Council Chamber

This election determines the future of Lake Forest.  Our local government’s reputation is at risk and it must be restored.  I am a result-oriented person and embody the bold and vibrant leadership necessary to achieve this mission and get the job done. My extensive knowledge and experience in Management and specialty in Real Estate will be an asset in the decision making for our city.  I am a concerned and caring resident who genuinely wants to serve as a new, honest, and truly independent member of our City Council, pledging only to represent your interests.

My wife and our two children have lived in Lake Forest for 14 years.  My son is active in AYSO, where I have refereed.  We enjoy the beautiful nature of our city. 

I humbly ask for your support and vote on Nov 8th.  If you share my vision and priorities for the future of Lake Forest, please spread the word.


God Bless you and America


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